Just a quick introduction


Priscilla & Michael we have been living together in Eexterveenschekanaal since 2021,

We both have a great passion for dogs that was present quite early, grew up in the house with a dog and later our first own dog.

For me my first dog was a boomer that I had until I was 15 and was euthanized due to old age then it was time for a bigger dog I really wanted a Cane Corso, Italian Mastiff I had seen it on shows a few times, my mother thought differently so I got an American bulldog, from her I also kept a son Diego when Diego turned 14 years old I got my first Cane Corso Imported from Serbia and that's where my kennel started in 2016 I applied for my kennel name which was official in 2017 became.

I've known Michael all my life, he also grew up with dogs, a yorkie and a labrador,

but his passion is the Boerboel, a South African mastiff

He now has over 8 years of experience with this breed and decided in 2019 that he would like to breed a litter, applied for his kennel name and 2020 his first litter was born, the start of his kennel.

In 2020 we also started living together and we decided that we both have too much passion to continue with 1 breed and we have merged our kennels, 14-01-2021 we had our baby boy Riley.

My life revolves around our dogs the kennel the breeding program and daily care, shows, inspections, litters I am home full time with the dogs, I have obtained my diploma in professional dogs and cats decision and will take regular courses in the future to keep up to date keep up with all developments in the field of canine genetics and breeding.

after this short introduction I wish you a lot of fun on our site, if you have any questions you can always email them or you can call us.