The boerboel

On this page you will find information about the Boerboel and we will go a little deeper into the actual character of the Boerboel compared to the most general descriptions you read on most websites. Partly based on examples of Boerboel owners and Boerboel breeders, I will try to paint a good picture of what can await you when you decide to purchase a Boerboel.


The Boerboel is and remains first and foremost a real watchdog with a very strong territorial instinct. The Boerboel therefore really needs a yard that he can and may guard. A Boerboel in a flat, apartment or house with a small garden is also far from ideal and often causes problems that will ultimately be at the expense of the dog. The walk through the city park, for example, is also a source of stimuli for the Boerboel, which could lead to problems. No, a Boerboel is and remains a dog that prefers to be in its yard and can watch. In the past, the Boerboel was never bred for beauty, but purely for functionality. Because only on this basis were the dogs selected by the South African farmers. No matter how beautiful a Boerboel could be, an unreliable, aggressive or cowardly Boerboel was immediately helped by the African farmer to the eternal hunting grounds. To this day, the Boerboel is still used as a guard and working dog on South African farms.


Unfortunately, due to the great popularity of the Boerboel, a lot of the original character and type is currently being "bred away".


The Boerboel is not yet F.C.I. recognized. The F.C.I. is the international umbrella organization of all family tree registers. The main reason for this is that breeding of the original Boerboel only started 30 years ago, so the breed is still brand new from a canine point of view. Perhaps this will change in the near future and the Boerboel will also be recognized by the F.C.I. Provided this recognition is requested by South Africa.